The Youth Leadership School by the Leadership Institute offers intensive training to equip individuals with the skills needed to become successful youth leaders. The program aims to enhance participants’ effectiveness in supporting colleagues and causes they believe in. This exclusive training is designed to elevate participants’ profiles within the political sphere, thereby improving their prospects of securing positions within the political job market. Often referred to as a “boot camp of politics,” this program is essential for anyone seeking to actively engage in the political process.


This summer cosmographer Precious Osani attended the Youth Leadership School and was awarded a scholarship to cover travel expenses. The conference took place in Washington, DC, and brought together diverse scholars and leaders.  Precious talks about the experience, saying, “The scholarship provided coverage for airfare, accommodation, and meals throughout the inspiring four-day event.” He continues, saying, “I was privileged to connect with a diverse group of like-minded students from various universities interested in Leadership and improving themselves.” He talks about what he gained from the experience, saying, “These exceptional individuals imparted invaluable knowledge on the fundamental principles of effective leadership and provided practical insights into achieving success as emerging leaders.” Precious remarks, “The scholarship opened the door to new connections and provided practical insights into achieving success as an emerging leader. I would also encourage other students to apply for the scholarship in the future.”