Blogtrackers is a socio-computational tool that can be employed to track, monitor, and understand blogs, bloggers, and real-time world events. Using award-winning content analysis and network analysis capabilities, users can extract insights like key influencers of the blogosphere. The tool also allows users to comprehend trends, leading narratives, and conduct sentiment analysis on a wide range of subjects.

YouTubeTracker is a tool that can track, monitor, and identify influential YouTube groups and content. It allows users to gain insights into content engagement behaviors of individuals via likes, dislikes, comments, replies, shares, etc. Through visual analytics, YouTubeTracker can help identify trends, opinions, communities, anomalous behaviors such as bots, spam, trolls, among other capabilities. Users can visualize networks among YouTubers, commenters, and content.

Focal Structure Analysis (FSA) is an algorithm to identify key sets of individuals called focal structures in a social network. These are individuals who collectively organize events, movements, and campaigns, among other complex social processes. The FSA platform allows users to identify focal structures, observe their interactions within the network, and measure their power.

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