Oluwaseyi David Adeliyi
Graduate Student

Seyi is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Science at UA Little Rock. He previously worked as a product manager in the financial technology sector and has co-founded a startup in Nigeria. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, he possesses a technical background in software development, networking and computer security with a new found interest in data science. Seyi loves to learn about exponential technologies and space exploration.

Dayo Samuel Banjo
Graduate Student

Dayo Samuel Banjo is currently pursuing master degree in computer science from UALR. His research area focus on AR/VR, AI and computer vision.  He currently works on the VTracker team at COSMOS.

Mayor Inna Gurung
Graduate Student

Mayor Inna Gurung is a Masters in information science student at UA Little Rock. She completed her undergraduate degree in computing in 2020 and has been working in the information technology and service ever since. Travel enthusiast Mayor Inna is currently working as developer in Vtracker and she is ardent about utilizing technology for greater good.

Kazi Tanvir Islam
Graduate Student

Kazi is a masters student in Computer Science. Even so he has a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, his fascination towards Data Science and Machine Learning has shaped his higher study in Computer Science. He is working here as a Data Scientist - Research Assistant. He also serves Student Government Association-UALR as an International Student Senator. He enjoys film and aspire to make one someday. In free time he mostly watches Football or play chess.

Sruthi Kompalli
Graduate Student

Sruthi is currently  pursuing Masters in Information Science at UA Little Rock. She graduated with Masters Degree in Interaction Design from Monash University, Australia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from India. She has 3 years of work experience in Android App development. She works as an UI designer at cosmos.

Joseph Kready
Data Engineer

Joseph has earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in December 2020 and is currently pursuing a master's degree in the same field. Outside of COSMOS and school, Joseph runs the Artificial Intelligence in Arkansas group, which focuses on building the AI community in Arkansas. 

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Ivory Okeke
Graduate Student

Obianuju Ivory Okeke is studying Master’s degree in Business Information Systems & Analytics at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Ivory is currently a graduate assistant at the COSMOS department and works in the VTracker team as a backend engineer.

Vanessa Okeke
Graduate Student

Vanessa Okeke is a Masters of Business Information Systems and Analytics graduate student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock,  with experience building software for SME's and the Agro-Tech industry. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, she made a transition to Software Engineering, learning to build products that scale. Vanessa is interested in using data to tell stories, building predictive models and pushing herself to be a better developer and community leader.

Ugochukwu Onyepunuka
Graduate Student

Ugochukwu Peter Onyepunuka is a Master of Information Science with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2019. He worked as a Data Engineer at Ehealth4everyone a Health Informatics company. Innovative and flexible, Ugo is passionate about Software Engineering, Data Science and ML. Ugo plays ping pong and soccer during his free time.

Ayokunle Sunmola
Graduate Student

Ayokunle is a Master of Computer Science Student with a history of working in various software engineering firms. Ayokunle earned a bachelor degree in computer engineering and is currently a member of the  Blog Tracker project, working majorly on writing and designing scalable apis.

Gaurav Raj Thapa
Graduate Student

Gaurav is a student of Master’s in Information Science with a background in Computing and web engineering. With a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Computing at The British College, Nepal which is affiliated to Leeds Beckett University, UK in 2020, he moved to UALR, Little Rock to continue his further studies and work in data analytics and information science.
With a collaborative and dynamic nature, he is very passionate in research on data analysis and information management to further enhance his career to become a successful business information specialist in future.

Connice Trimmingham
Graduate Student

Connice Trimmingham is a Master of Computer Science Student with demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. After earning dual Bachelor of Science in Quantitative economics and econometrics and Business analytics and Information systems at University of south Florida in 2020, she moved to little rock to work in business intelligence.
Dynamic, collaborative, composed change agent, Connice is passionate about research in deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

Ifeanyi Joshua Umoga
Graduate Student

Ifeanyi Joshua umoga is a Master of information science with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and electronics engineering. He worked as an IT Support Engineer at EHealth4everyone a Digital Health informatics company. Joshua is passionate about Data engineering, Data analysis and software Engineering. Joshua plays soccer during his free time