Richard Young is defending his information science master’s project in front of his committee and COSMOS members.

Richard Young successfully defended his information science master’s project “Chromaweaver: A Moviebarcode Analysis Tool for Youtube” Friday, November 8, 2019.  In attendance were committee members Dr. Nitin Agarwal (chair), Dr. Bruce Bauer and Dr. Joseph Williams as well as members of COSMOS. Richard is a remote student currently living in Spain and did his defense via Google Hangout. 

For his project, Richard explored moviebarcode image processing techniques that can be integrated into the COSMOS application YoutubeTracker. The end result is the standalone application Chromaweaver, which serves as a moviebarcode analysis tool for Youtube videos. Richard documented his work for the project as a blog. Being a remote student, blog served as a great communication tool between Richard and his committee members that addressed the challenges of distance and time difference. Richard’s blog can be found at

Richard was first introduced to web development, UI/UX principles of design, business analytics, and branding/marketing strategies during his undergraduate studies at UA Little Rock. He joined COSMOS in January 2018 and has since advanced his skills in data visualization, application development, and social media forensics which lead him to serve as a UI/UX team lead for Blogtrackers and YoutubeTracker.

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