The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) has been known worldwide as one of the longest standing scientific communities in the information systems and technology fields. Since 1968, it has become a respected destination attracting high-caliber scholars and professionals in academia, industry, and government agencies around the world to discuss their cutting-edge research.

With over 78+ participating countries, 1000+ participating universities, and 6000+ contributing scholars, this conference is of worldwide renown, and COSMOS is thrilled to contribute to the  HICSS community, which offers a unique platform for all participants to share and exchange perspectives and ideas. This conference was held from January 2–6, 2024, in Waikiki, Hawaii, USA. 

This year at HICSS, Mainuddin Shaik and Dr. Nitin Agarwal presented the paper entitled “Characterizing Multimedia Adoption and its Role in Mobilization in Social Movements.”

“Our research breaks new grounds by examining the role of multimedia in mobilizing support for social movements, protests, violent mobs, etc. by characterizing the multimedia’s variety, adoption, and propagation during the event” said Dr. Agarwal. He continued, “premier conferences such as HICSS provide tremendous scientific and networking opportunities for our graduate students.” 

Shaik also related the conference experience and the opportunity to “explore the whole island” throughout the conference. “It was my very first time at this conference,” Shaik said, “and the research presented in this conference is part of a bigger research agenda that we are developing.” He continued, “I would consider this as one major milestone completed in that agenda.”