Peer Mentoring is an outstanding opportunity for students to serve as academic and social role models for their peers (or Mentees). By sharing their own successes and setbacks as college students, Peer Mentors support Mentees with 1-on-1 meetings and extracurricular events.


Cosmographer Mainuddin Shaik has recently been accepted by the Academic Affairs Retention Office’s Peer Mentorship program. Shaik touches on his new position and what he plans to bring to fellow students and colleagues. He says, “ As a Peer Mentor, I will be able to provide personalized guidance and support for students, helping them navigate through academic and personal challenges. Additionally, I will be able to facilitate their transition into university life, offering advice based on my own experiences from my COSMOS center and student life. I can also assist in developing their study strategies, time management skills, and self-advocacy capabilities. Furthermore, I will strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where all students feel welcomed, heard, and encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. I believe my role as a Peer Mentor can contribute to enhancing their overall learning experience and fostering a positive, enriching community.”