Cosmographers also help the advancement and the teaching of society, like guiding the next generation of researchers, whether they are new graduate students, budding undergraduates, or even non collegiate students applying their computational skills out in the industry workforce.

Thus part of being a cosmographer is taking the classroom experience and applying it practically, from teaching new students, to practicing computer language use, to working within the computer and information sciences industries in general. Ridwan Amure, who has been at COSMOS since Fall of 2023, has done such: this last September, Ridwan served as a Python and Excel teacher for Green Network Initiative (GNI). GNI is an organization based in Lagos, Nigeria, comprising of young leaders seeking to foster a sustainable society, by taking steps to teach and encourage the next generation. For example, the Green Network Initiative holds recorded sessions on education, the environment, and social entrepreneurships, available here.

Ridwan Amure talks about the experience working for the Initiative, saying, “Some weeks back, I had the incredible opportunity to serve as an instructor in the ‘Python for Data Analysis’ training program organized by Green Network Initiative. I want to thank the GNI team for organizing this fantastic program, and I’m incredibly proud of my students for their hard work and dedication. For anyone looking to enter the world of data analysis or further their skills, keep an eye out for programs like these. Learning and growing in this field is a journey, and it’s one that I’m grateful to be a part of.”

By teaching those learning Python and Excel, Ridwan hopes to help those entering the field or who are considering higher education within it. As a volunteer for Green Network Initiative, Ridwan has been able to reach those learning more about computer science and the language of Python and usage of Excel.