Richard Young
Richard Young

Research Interests:
Data Storytelling
Data Science
Information Visualization
UI/UX Design

As of May 2017, he graduated as an EAST scholar of UA Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science degree in e-commerce minoring in information technology. As he pursued his degree, Richard gained hands-on experience with skills specific to data visualization, web development, UI/UX design, and mobile-first design. Since graduation, he has stayed actively enrolled in several self-taught classes through online platforms which have aided in his pursuit to gather knowledge in the fields of Python development, Google Analytics, data illustration, graphic design, and data storytelling. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in information science applying his skills and interests toward his graduate research assistantship for the team at COSMOS.

“Being someone who is both ambitious and adaptable, I do my best to find the most direct and efficient approaches to dealing with problems or projects. As my development skills continue to improve, I make a conscious effort to seek out and apply more efficient ways of handling complicated tasks or problems. I enjoy learning new skills and am attracted to a diverse range of technologies. ”

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