Several years ago, I heard of UA Little Rock for the first time.  My husband was working closely with Dr. Agarwal on social network analysis research.  The work caught my interest and the possibility of earning my doctoral degree through UA Little Rock’s online program got me hooked.  Yes, it took some time to get all my ducks in a row by preparing for the GRE, getting all required documents and then actually applying for my PhD, but when the acceptance email arrived, I was thrilled.  

Fast forward a few months: I am ready to start my second semester. A few more are down the road. Knowing how busy my life is and how many commitments I have, I knew that I needed something to keep me on track.  This is where the blog came in. You see, I at least try to be as organized as possible. I juggle. I wear many hats. There is the hat of a student, the sparkly one of a wife, the colorful one with polka dots and some crumbs of a mom and the heart-shaped hat of a volunteer. These are just some.  Finding balance and staying on track can sometimes be challenging, so when Dr. Agarwal suggested creating a blog, I first thought: Something else to keep track of, but I then thought about it some more.

A blog will allow me to track my progress.  When I feel that my battery is running a little low, I can always go back to it, review my progress and use it as motivation to keep on going.  I have to admit, right now, my blog does not feature many posts – at least not yet, but my PhD studies journey is still in its youth. In order to keep you focused and on track, I highly recommend to create one as well.  

Blog Platforms

There are many blog services you may take advantage of:

Here is a link to various options:

Many blog platforms are also free:

Personal Blog Platform Choice

My blog is a WordPress site hosted by BlueHost.  A domain name was included in the fees I paid, but you can always chose a different hosting company.  There are some free options (Wix, Weebly). You can also purchase a domain with GoDaddy and use their hosting, but you don’t even have to have your own domain. The options are almost endless.  

Because of my interest in social media and social cyber security, I decided to create a Facebook page as well.  The Facebook page features links to my blog posts. You can use various social media platforms to promote your blog content on.  Some students may prefer to create a seperate social media presence for their work instead of using their personal accounts. It is a personal preference.


About our COSMOS student blogger:

Katrin Galeano is a PhD student at UA Little Rock. She majors in Computers and Information Science with a research interests in support of the US Army OPSEC program. Her background is in strategic communications for non-profit and government organizations.

You can find her blog at

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