COSMOS Students Intern All Over the US this Summer 2023

We are pleased to share the exciting news of our students’ summer internship offers. Our team members will be working with renowned companies such as Amazon, Expedia, Intuit, Arkansas’s own Gainwell Technologies, and the Arkansas Department of Education.

These opportunities represent an invaluable turning point in their academic lives and provide a wealth of advantages for our research team.

Their experiences allow them to approach issues from different perspectives, challenging our preconceived notions and encouraging creative thinking. Our team is energized by the addition of new concepts, which promotes a vibrant, cooperative environment that fosters breakthroughs.

Our students have the opportunity to network professionally, connect with business leaders, and establish valuable relationships. These relationships build a bridge between university and industry, providing opportunities for future partnerships and collaborations to gain a better understanding of real world problem domains, train an industry-relevant workforce, and promote a two-way knowledge sharing, 

Through these internship opportunities, our students learn invaluable real-world problem solving skills and apply them to our projects when they return. We are incredibly proud of our students and look forward to the outstanding contributions they will make as they pursue their academic goals with renewed vigor and enriched experiences.