Cosmographer Ridwan Amure had the honor of officiating in the National Science Bowl in Arkansas and served as the Technical Committee Chair for the World Mathematics Tournament at the Annual Mathematics Conference & Exhibition 2024, organized by the Mathematics for Life Foundation.

As Ridwan Amure stepped onto the stage at the National Science Bowl in Arkansas and the World Mathematics Tournament, he was met with a sea of bright, eager faces—the next generation of STEM leaders.

Serving as an official and the Technical Committee Chair, Ridwan had a front-row seat to witness the incredible talent and dedication of these young minds.

“The speed at which they solved the questions was amazing,” Ridwan recounted. “You could see the passion and the amount of preparation they must have undergone.” In those intense moments of competition, you could see the passion, curiosity, and love for science and mathematics.

Events like these, Ridwan believes, play a crucial role in fostering interest and proficiency in STEM fields. By presenting mathematics in a relatable, tangible way, students begin to see it not as an abstract puzzle but as a powerful tool for understanding and shaping the world around them.

Beyond the competitions, the Annual Mathematics Conference & Exhibition (AMCE) served as a platform for young voices to engage with important societal issues. Student essays explored how mathematics could help address challenges in Nigeria, echoing the efforts of mathematicians during the COVID-19 pandemic to model the impact of interventions.

“It allows young minds to express their scientific thoughts,” Ridwan explained. “It provides a fresh perspective, and it can also help us to correct their perspectives too.”

Ridwan’s hopes for the future of STEM education burned brighter than ever after the competition ended, and he emphasized that he envisions a world where initiatives like these become the norm, creating avenues for students to express themselves through healthy competition, project expos, and quality mentorship.

For Ridwan, and for the students who participated, the National Science Bowl and the World Mathematics Tournament were more than just competitions—they were catalysts, sparking a passion for STEM that will fuel the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders.