Esther Mead

Esther Ledelle Mead is a Ph.D. candidate in the Information Quality track of the Computer and Information Sciences program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). She earned Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology (2002), Finance (2004), and Marketing (2004) from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). Awarded dual UCA Graduate Research Assistantships (one at the Small Business Advancement National Center focusing primarily on agribusiness, and the other within the Assistant Dean’s office focusing on Accreditation maintenance), Esther continued on to earn her general Master of Business Administration degree in 2005 and subsequently engaged as a small business and institutional marketing consultant through 2007.

Esther taught undergraduate courses in Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior at San Diego State University from Fall of 2007 through Fall of 2011. With the advent of the age of big data, Esther decided to resume her studies. Esther was awarded several Graduate Research Assistantships from UALR between 2013 to present, wherein she has been integral to the successful publication of numerous academic papers. Esther earned a Master of Science in Business Information Systems in 2019. She plans to return to academic teaching upon earning her doctorate. Her research interests include various concepts within machine learning and deep learning, toxicity in social media, and human migration and refugee modeling.


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