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(3) Dissertation Examination Committee (DEC) makeup

Dissertation Examination Committee (DEC) makeup from the 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 

The DEC should be formed by the student in consultation with his or her research adviser after the student has successfully completed his or her Qualifying Examination. The DEC shall comprise a minimum of 4 members with the student’s dissertation adviser serving as the committee chair. The chair and at least 1 other member must hold Full Graduate Faculty Status, hold a doctoral degree, and be a full-time faculty member of either the Department of Computer Science or the Department of Information Science. The third member must also hold Full Graduate Faculty Status and a doctoral degree, but can be a full-time faculty member of any UA Little Rock college, school, or department. The fourth member(s) can be anyone holding graduate faculty status approved for dissertation committee service including Affiliate Graduate Faculty Status. 

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