With the proliferation of smart devices, mobile applications, and social network platforms, the social side effects of these technologies have become more profound, especially in social and political disintegration. Several journalistic and academic investigations have reported that modern communication platforms such as social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and the “deep web” channels) are strategically used to coordinate cyber propaganda campaigns. Several researchers have studied these campaigns and identified various tactics, techniques, and procedures used by various online deviant groups, e.g., online propagandists groups or terrorist groups sympathizers. Various social media platforms utilized the research findings to detect and curb some of these campaigns, however, the techniques that are used evolve and adapt to go undetected. This is a growing problem. In this workshop, our aim is to have a scientific discussion among the experts who study deviant activities on social media, including but not limited to, detection of deviant/disruptive behaviors on social media; misinformation detection, identification, and dissemination; case studies of misinformation; etc. This includes the following topics:

Research Topics

  • Misinformation detection
  • Misinformation dissemination strategies
  • Cross-platform dissemination
  • Hashtag Latching
  • Propaganda dissemination
  • Deviant behaviors on social media platforms
  • Coordination strategies and detection
  • Cyber Flash Mobs

  • Spamming
  • Algorithmic Manipulation such as Recommendation Manipulation
  • Inorganic behaviors
  • Bots behaviors, evolution, and detection
  • Online Trolls detection and strategies,
  • Hate Speech (Toxic or polarizing or disruptive content)
  • Narratives in misinformation campaigns

**In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming the US. elections, we also solicit papers focused on disinformation and misinformation being disseminated related to these events.**

Important Dates

Submission: TBD Notification to authors: TBD Camera ready due: TBD

Venue Information


Organizing Committee

Muhammad Nihal Hussain

Postdoctoral fellow at COSMOS research lab at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Esther Ledelle Mead

Postdoctoral fellow at COSMOS research lab at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Kiran Kumar Bandeli

Data Scientist, Walmart Inc.

Samer Al-khateeb

Assistant Professor at Creighton University

Nitin Agarwal

Director of COSMOS research lab and Distinguished Professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Thomas Marcoux

Web Chair - Computer and Information Science PhD student at University of Arkansas at Little Rock