This week, Cosmographer Karen Watts successfully defended her Capstone II project.  She developed the Employee Website for Internal Operational Information for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. When Karen started working on the new website, the existing site was not user-friendly for all audiences. Extension employees, one of UAEX’s largest audiences, found the site confusing and had a hard time finding content because it had been designed with external clientele in mind. “Separating employee content into its own website was necessary to streamline employee user experience so they could find internal resources more quickly and efficiently,” said Karen Watts, an Information Science major currently enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor to Master Program. The newly-designed employee website will allow IT staff to customize content to the needs of employees and improve security for internal documents and resources.
With her Capstone project complete, Karen will be exploring how to defeat disinformation using blockchain technology.

The project was well-designed and thought-out.   “I extracted data from SiteImprove and Google Analytics, created reports from the data for the Executive Team meeting and support units, conducted meetings with each support unit about their data and deign of their landing pages and interior pages, flushed out the designs from wireframes, implement the code into OU Campus, and create the navigation for landing pages and interior pages for each support unit.”  

The Employee Website from Internal Operational Information is nearing completion and will launch in January 2019.  We congratulate Karen on a Capstone II project well-done.